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what is algaecide?
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Algaecide is a chemical treatment for swimming pools, fish ponds, and other water features that kills algae, very small organisms that grow in water or very damp environments. Algae in pools and ponds can cause the water to become cloudy and, in some cases, can form a scum over the surface that blocks sunlight from the water. It is the cause of the peculiar "red tide" phenomenon, in which the ocean appears to be covered in blood. Usually, their presence unsightly, but it can also be dangerous — certain kinds of algae give off toxins that can be hazardous to humans, fish, and plants.

A commercial algaecide is a quick and easy way to remove algae from your pool or pond. When it's used in a swimming pool, it allows the owner to use less chlorine for water purification, resulting in water than is more pleasant to swim in, without the stinging eyes and nose that too much chlorine can cause. Regular use also prolongs the life of the water filtration system, as there is less plant material to clog the filters and intakes of the pump.

Consumers should select a product based on what it will be used for. Some aren't suitable for use in water that contains living fish, for example, so homeowners should read the label and follow the directions closely. Even too much of an algaecide intended for ponds can be harmful to the fish, and change the pH levels of the water too much. This chemical can be purchased online, but shoppers who have questions might be better off visiting a local nursery that supplies water feature materials or a pool cleaning supplier.


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