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High Rate Commercial Sand Filters

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  • High Rate Commercial Sand Filter cover is the use of quick closing principle design, with a top thread port plate, convenient opening and closing and good sealing effect; in addition to increase filter bed surface to the cloth head distance, thereby improving filtering stage water effect, and to avoid in the backwash sand into the cloth tube. The sand cylinder specially designed manhole, the sand for sand process more convenient, more efficient. In the filtering process, through the sand cylinder design perspective observation water filtering hole.
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High Rate Commercial Sand Filters

High Rate Commercial fiberglass sand filters are designed to be installed on large commercial installation such as Olympic size pools, diving pools and water parks.
The standard production incorporates a large access manhole in the top for ease of access to the interior.
Inside the filter all internal parts and pipework are upgraded to the highest commercial standard, ensuring long life and minimal servicing.
As with all other YUTONG filters, the commercial series is manufactured from totally non-corrosive materials making it an excellent choice for various long-term application and installations.
High Rate Commercial Sand Filters

Commercial Sand Filter Features
* 100% factory test according to NSF50 standard
* Air relief bolt enables easy release of trapped air during operation of the filter.
* A large access manhole in the top for ease of access to the interior
* Designed to assemble with Butterfly valve
* Influent manifold distribution to prevent clogging
* 2x 3” Oil Pressure Gauge included
* Materials used are dependable and are suitable for all-weather performance
* UV resistance surface allows the filter to work under direct sunlight.
* Sand Required : 0.8-1.0mm
* 5 -10 years life-time
High Rate Commercial Sand FiltersHigh Rate Commercial Sand Filters
High Rate Commercial Sand Filters
Valve position Functions
Filter Normal filtration
Backwash Cleaning filter by reversing the flow
Rinse Used after backwash to flush dirt from valve
Waste By-passes filter, used for vacuuming to waste or lowering water level
Recirculate By-passes filter for circulating water to pool
Closed Shuts off all flow to filter or pool

High Rate Commercial Sand Filters


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