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In-ground Filtration Combo

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  • YUTONG In-ground Filtration Combo enclosure is made of high quality Lucite acrylic, fiberglass or enforced polyvinyl chloride. One-time Lucite acrylic injection mould technique and craftsmanship enable our pool filter good looking and durable. Acrylic is good for acid and aging resistance, and easy to clean. Wall-mounting pool filter requires no extra machine room, which could save your budge with its portable installation.
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Underground Compact Pool Filter - In-ground Filtration Combo

1. "YUTONG" in-ground filtration combo is made by fiberglass reinforced plastic, which is durable and resistive to corrosion, rust, low temperature and UV.
2. Suitable for pools of different shapes and sizes. Selection of system components can be customized to your specific requirements.
3. Timer-controlled automation eliminates the need(s) for manual power-on/off and professional staff for maintenance. When backwash is called for you just need to turn the 6-position multiport valve to clean up the sand filter, which makes it more convenient and environmental friendly than other filtration devices using filter pockets.
4. The enclose is water-tight and can drain water automatically.
5. Elimate the need for building equipment rooms and installation, which saves much labour and time.
6. Simple installation can be completed within hours.
7. The system consists of a subsystem for filtration, hydraulic, massage, sanitizing and lighting.
8. Lights will turn on automatically when the cover is open, which makes it suitable for operating at dim condition.
9. Cover has protection lock, which ensure the products security. Equipped with salt water chlorinator, the most effective and widely used means for sanitation.
In-ground Filtration Combo

Features of compact pool filter:
1. Suggested installation: domestic outdoor/indoor pool and SPA.
2. Max operating pressure: 36 psi / 2.5 bar.
3. Max temperature: 43 °C( 1049°F).
4. Universal standard of union connection provided.
5. Suggested size of sand media: 0.5-0.8mm.
6. Easy installation with pre-installed plumbing system and base.
7. Simple operation with 6-way multiport valve.
8. Filter structure with UV resistance materials.
In-ground Filtration ComboIn-ground Filtration Combo

Model Filter Filtering Flow Working Pressure Port Size Voltage Controller Disinfection
Tank Size 1300*1240*960mm
500 Sand Filter 17 2kg/cm2 1.5"/50mm 220V/50Hz Manual Valve / PLC Chlorine Feeder
600 18
F50 Cartridge Filter 30
F75 35
Tank Size 1750*1650*1450mm
700 Sand Filter 25 2kg/cm2 1.5"/50mm 220V/50Hz Manual Valve / PLC Chlorine Feeder
800 30
900 33
1000 35
In-ground Filtration ComboIn-ground Filtration Combo


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