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Swimming Pool Centrifugal Pumps

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  • YUTONG Swimming Pool Centrifugal Pumps are designed for outdoor pools or domestic pools. It runs quietly with high efficiency.With overload and built-in thermal protection.
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Swimming Pool Centrifugal Pumps

Swimming Pool Centrifugal Pumps

Swimming Pool Pumps Features

  • Pump,flange,impeller use high and low temperature resistant material, long  service time. High performance.
  • With electric current overloaded protector. Low noise.
  • Good sealing performance.
  • Good appearance, easy to use and maintain.
  • IP54 protection grade.
Yutong Swimming Pool Pump is designed for medium head installation in medium or domestic pool;
2 inch suction and discharge port with transparent lid;
it operates at a low decibel and easy maintenance.

Swimming Pool Centrifugal Pumps

Technical Characteristics Table:


Input  power (Kw)

Horsepower Port size Max. Flow(m3/h) Max. Head(m)
YT-150 1.1 Pump 1.5hp/220V/50Hz, Single Phase 2.0"/63mm 30 18
YT-200 1.5 Pump 2.0hp/220V/380V/ 50Hz, Single/3 Phase 35 19
YT-300 2.2 Pump 3.0hp/220V/380V/50Hz, Single/3 Phase 38 20
YT-350 2.6 Pump 3.5hp/220V/380V/50Hz, Single/3 Phase 40 21
YT-400 3.0 Pump 4.0hp/220V/380V/50Hz, Single/3 Phase 48 22

YUTONG Water Pumps

for Reliable,High Efficiency Pool Water Circulation

Using area:
Apply for middle sized swimming pool, hydraulic massage bath, SPA, family swimming pool .


Swimming Pool Centrifugal Pumps


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