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Wall Mount Compact Pipeless Pool Filters

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  • Wall Mount Compact Pipeless Pool Filters,also named as integrated swimming pool filter;its enclosure is made of high quality LLDPE. One-time injection mould technique and craftsmanship enable our pool filter good looking and durable. LLDPE is good for acid and aging resistance, and easy to clean. Wall-mounting pool filter requires no extra machine room, which could save your budge with its portable installation.
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Wall Mount Compact Pipeless Pool Filters

When using the filter pump with skimmer to clean the pool bottom, it will be very efficiently to collect hair and other waste into the skimmer without damage for the motor. Machine box is made by premier ABS.

1.Saving the water resource, no need to consider the water leakage phenomenon without the pipeline and backwash.
2.Saving the land resource without the engine room;conformed to the international environmental protection requirement.
3.With the high accuracy filters to the system, establishes the security low pressure durable under water lamp, the turbo charging turbulent current massage spray nozzle, the high quality stainless steel arm rest and the supplementary equipment achieves one machine with multipurpose effect.
4.It equips with jets, underwater light, pump,handrail,air regulator,powe switch & connecting box, filter bag.

Wall Mount Compact Pipeless Pool Filters

Model Filter Capability Pump Power Filtering Flow Voltage Controller Disinfection Light (Watt)
CX15 5~15um 0.75Kw/1Hp 15m3/h 220V/50Hz Manual / PLC Ozone / Chlorine Feeder 100 / 18.9
CX25 1.5Kw/2Hp 25m3/h
CX30 2.2Kw/3hp 30m3/h
CX35 2.2Kw/3Hp 35m3/h 380V/50Hz

Wall Mount Compact Pipeless Pool Filters


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