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ABS Overflow Swimming Pool Gratings

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  • ABS Overflow Swimming Pool Gratings
    1.Water-resistance,easy to install and long life use
    2.WPC decking panel a perfect substitute for hard wood;
    3.Environmental friendly,non-pollution,no toxic chemicals;
    4.Recoverable,recycle,classical environment protection material;
    5.Weather resistance,flexible and strong arcing curves;
    6.Corrosion resistance, moisture and hot resistance;
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ABS Overflow Swimming Pool Gratings

High class wiath size plastic pvc swimming pool overflow garting For use with a gutter adapted to surround the perimeter of a swimming pool,the said gutter having a bottom gutter wall and spaced opposed inner and outer gutter side walls defining a channel into which overfow water from the pool is received, with the upper edge of said inner gutter side wall terminating at a level beneath that of the upper edge of said outer gutter side wall, a grill assembly cooperating with said gutter walls to enclose said channel. ABS Overflow Swimming Pool Gratings

More Info.About Overflow Swimming Pool Gratings For Pool Gutter:

Optional Length Width Height Material Meters Per Carton Packing Size
18cm double pole 1.3 2.3 ABS
(Patent Products)
20m 64×53×29cm
20cm double pole 20m 69×51×26cm
25cm double pole 10m 54×47×29cm
30cm triple pole 10m 57×52×29cm
35cm triple pole 10m 65×54×30cm
40cm triple pole 10m 53×42×53cm

ABS Overflow Swimming Pool Gratings


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