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Swimming Pool Blue Solar Blanket

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  • Our Solar Pool Blanket covers are loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and on cool cloudy days.
    Special bubble shape is designed to ensure a uniform wall thickness of thermal bubble.
    Our Solar Blanket Pool covers are highly resistant to ultraviolet rays which inhibits deterioration so they last under the most intense sunlight.
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Swimming Pool Blue Solar Blanket

400 500 600mic Bubble Film Swimming Pool Cover Solar Blanket can be your choices
Swimming Pool Blue Solar Blanket
* A pool solar cover is an economical and environmentally friendly approach to heating your pool
* Tiny air pockets in the solar cover capture the sun’s energy, transferring that energy to your pool as heat
* Solar cover can raise your pool temperature by up to 10 degrees(F)
* 8-mil thick(1mil=0.0254mm) solar blanket is great for climates that don’t get very cold at night during the swim season
* Blanket is lighter and easier to use than thicker solar covers Pool blanket fully insulates your pool to retain more warmth for longer
* Prevents water evaporation and pool chemical loss
* Saves you money on pool chemical costs and time on pool maintenance
* Lengthens your swimming season in the spring and fall
* Swim more comfortably earlier and later in the day
* Can be used along with a pool heater
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Swimming Pool Blue Solar Blanket

Top quality fabrication Swimming Pool Blue Solar Blanket Features

- Available for any pool type and budget
- Anti friction operation
- Adjustable sizes
- Nylon brushes
- Easy to manoeuvre

Swimming Pool Blue Solar Blanket

Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Application

Swimming Pool Blue Solar Blanket


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