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Flat Surface Swimming Pool Lights

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  • For underwater pool lights, we have three kinds: halogen,LED,also RGB.
    Different materials,installation ways and watts are optional.
    Also these lights are easy to be installed,good waterproof quality and safe.
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Flat Surface Swimming Pool Lights

This model of swimming pool underwater light is now with Epistar Led Beads, SMD can also be provided.

Flat Surface Swimming Pool LightsFlat Surface Swimming Pool Lights

Flat Surface Swimming Pool Lights

Light Source Power (W) LED Qty (pc) Input Current (mA)

Luminous Flux (LM) ±10%

Pure White Warm White RGB
SMD 2835 LED 10 144 900 1100 1000 650
18 252 1500 1980 1800 1000
35 441 2500 3000 2700 1500
40 546 3000 3300 3000 2000

Item Specification
Product Name led rgb swimming pool underwater light 12v
IP Rating IP68
Operating Voltage AC/DC 12V
Body Material ABS + UV
Input Frequency(Hz) 50/60 Hz
Color Temperature(K) Pure White: 6000-6500K Cool White: 8000-12000K Warm White: 2800-3000K
Wave Length(nm) R: 621-625nm / G: 518-520nm / B: 464-467nm
Beam Angle 45°for high power led, 120°for SMD/DIP led, or customized
Constant Driver Yes
Operating Temperature (centigrade)  -20 ~ +45
RGB Control Methods 1) With Alternative Current (AC): Remote Control / (On/Off )Switch / Auto Changing
Lifetime 50000 hours
Warranty Period 2 years
Over-current Protection Yes

Flat Surface Swimming Pool Lights


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