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PH ORP Control & Dosing

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  • All PH ORP Control & Dosing operating functions are clearly labeled and accessible from the front panel,with safety and easy -reset features.
    The default PH control level is 7.0.Below 6.9,the water is too acidic and causes corrosion and eye irritation.Above 7.5,it is too alkaline and causes are irritation plus water cloudiness,scaling ,stains and reduced sanitizer efficiency.
    The default ORP controller level is 650mV,values for prevention of germs and bacteria.
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PH ORP Control & Dosing

PH ORP Control & Dosing Feature
1.Easily installed into existing pool systems.
2.Easily programmed for daily requirements.
3.High quality and competitive price
4.To balanced water PH/ORP
5.To keep water quality
6.Automated water treatment
PH ORP Control & Dosing

PH ORP Control & Dosing Installation Diagram
PH ORP Control & Dosing


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