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Muro Swimming Pool Steps

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  • Muro Swimming Pool Steps is one that comes highly recommended by pool professionals! With very simple and easy installation, it is easy to revamp your old pool ladders with this ladder from YUTONG! Each step is created to have rust resistance and the ladder is created to allow you to update old steps with rungs. All made from high quality material for longevity!
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Muro Swimming Pool Steps

  • In-Ground 3-Step Stainless Steel ladder with plastic/stainless steel tread
  • Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel that will withstand sun, chlorine and cold
  • The stainless steel tubing is super strong and provides secure entry and exit from the pool
  • Smaller diameter tube allows easy and safe grip for women and kids
  • Deck anchors and stainless steel escutcheons are included
Muro Swimming Pool StepsMuro Swimming Pool Steps
Muro Swimming Pool StepsMuro Swimming Pool Steps

Model Steps Suitable Water Depth Tube Thickness (mm) Tube Diameter (mm) Step Material Tube Material
MU215 2 1m 1.0/1.2 42 Stainless Steel(+Rubber) 304 /316 Stainless Steel
MU315 3 1.2~1.5m
MU415 4 1.5~1.8m
MU515 5 1.8~2.0m
Muro Swimming Pool Steps
Model Description Material Weight (Kgs) Volume (m3) Package (mm)
MU215 2 steps 304/316 stainless steel 8.5 0.047 1800*435*60
MU315 3 steps 9.5
MU415 4 steps 10.5 0.055 2100*435*60
MU515 5 steps 11.5 0.063 2400*435*60
Muro Swimming Pool Steps


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