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Lying Sauna Wet Steam Capsule

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  • Lying Sauna Wet Steam Capsule perfectly combined colored light,fragrance medical therapy with electronic technology,traditional Chinese philosophy and the essence of western science and technology.Being in this magic cabin,your heart and soul will be just like flying in the enormous universe,while improving the metabolism by the resonance massage of fat cells with infrared rays;or even immersed in the forest full of anions and vitality,remolding your skin thoroughly.
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Lying Sauna Wet Steam Capsule

Fragrance therapy:
Different kinds of essences of plants through the essence outlet are taken in to the internal organs,gaining physical and spiritual curative effects.

Colored light therapy:
The colored light waves form particular light source can stimulate the metabolism of cells,remove skin diseases based on the brand new concept of optical therapy.
Sauna Wet Steaming Lying CapsuleSauna Wet Steaming Lying Capsule

Music theraphy:
MP3 playing system makes you relaxed and refreshed physically and mentally

Ozone sterilizing system:
Thoroughly cleansing the tiny pores,getting rid of the toxic heavy metals.
Sauna Wet Steaming Lying CapsuleSauna Wet Steaming Lying Capsule


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