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Sitting Body Detox Herbal Capsule

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  • This is a brand new design combined with health care, recuperation and body shaping. Fumigation with high temperature has curative effects on the spine, joints, stimulate the blood circulation and cause the muscles and joints to relax as well as relieve pain. With natural skin care stuff such as essence oil. milk , honey etc. it improves the dark. rough skin effectively. Both your skin and your health will benefit a lot from this equipment.
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Sitting Body Detox Herbal Capsule

can get physical and mental relaxation as using the machine as listening to the radio

wash and clean every inch of skin

can open up the pores of the skin ,heat the body, eliminate toxin, beautify skin, delay ageing

you can use it with essential oil to get an integrated effect ,also you can use it with chinese herbal medicines for curing

proved by medicine, spectrums of red , yellow, blue and green color have effect in relaxing muscle and skin

Foot massage:
Point Massage can relax you mentally and physically

Ozone Sterilization:
fully automatic Ozone Sterilization,can ensure users safe and hygienic


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