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Stainless Steel Electric Sauna Heater For Home

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  • This new generation sauna heater has been developed as a direct result of our many years of experience of customer requirement with many new features and improvements
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Stainless Steel Electric Sauna Heater For Home

stainless steel sauna heater with control panel

Technical parameters for our sauna stoves:

home use sauna heater parameters

All of sauna heaters can be matched with digital sauna controller or knob sauna controller.

*Auto diagnostics LED display
*Working time display
*Time reset display
knob sauna heater control panel
•Centigrade or Fahrenheit display
•Sequential heating to save energy and prolong heat element life
•Working time and presetting time control
•Temp. control / Light control
•Interlock function comply with new CE safety standard
•High temperature cut-off for both sauna room and sauna heater-double safety  protection
Digital sauna heater controller

sauna heater for sauna room  


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